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Hemp Gig is the most trusted name in the world of hemp for market research and trends.  With the popularity and versatile uses of hemp, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States today. 

We pride ourselves on being the world's leading provider on the education of hemp by offering a collection of brands, services and consumer products. 

Here at Hemp Gig, we study several different product categories and subcategories, so you don't have to. You can rest assured, that when you visit our site, you have the highest quality of information and products.

Just a little about me and how I got into the world of hemp.  A few years ago I had pain so bad in both my legs that after sitting I could barely walk when I got up. 

I had all the X-rays, CT scans, cortisone, MRI, everything and the doctors still couldn’t figure it out.

A friend told me about this CBD so I tried it and my pain went away completely and I never looked back.

I was so impressed and grateful that someone told me about this life changing product, that I knew I had to share my experience with as many people as I could possibly come in contact with and if I couldn’t help everybody, at least if I helped one person it would warm my heart.

This website is the brain child of how I could do that.

Once I started looking into hemp and all its many uses, I discovered that this plant is truly a miracle plant.

So, what started out as talking about CBD oil has now turned into the many other all-natural and healthy products that come from hemp, like clothing, bedding, skin care and the list goes on and on, over 50,000 uses.

We encourage you to keep checking back with us to see what new information and products pop up next.

I hope you enjoy our site as much as we love sharing new information with you on a continual basis.

Kathy Bakken

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We are grateful each and every time you stop by and have a great day!

I’m the other half of Hemp Gig and Kathy and I met through the love of dogs.  She is from the North and I am from the South, so we named ourselves lovingly, "the Snortherners". 

I am a Registered Nurse and my reputation in the sometimes “stuffy south”, was on high alert when Kathy started telling me how great CBD oil was for your health. 

I shared one of her post about CBD on Facebook and all the friends of my boys sent me giggly messages that I was sharing “Pot”.  I laughed it off and just listened to Kathy’s passion about all the Hemp products with one ear. 

Then, I put on a hemp T-shirt….this was where my love of hemp began.  I started paying attention and reading and learning and was amazed at the hemp I had around me. 

I realized that CBD was not THC and it did not even come from the same plant.  It was not long before I jumped on the hemp wagon and Hempgig.com was born. 

I learn something exciting and new every day about hemp and I have adopted a hemp lifestyle myself.  I love the way the hemp community all work together for the good of hemp and to share the hemp industry unselfishly helping each other. 

I love that I have grown to have a wonderful friendship with Kathy and respect for her.  We get all excited and have fun sharing new hemp finds with each other even though we live 1500 miles and 20 hours apart.

I just walked into a gas station and saw some CBD honey sticks that we have on hemp Gig and I had to snap a pic and send it to Kathy.  We got all excited that CBD was on the counter in South Georgia.

Some of our favorites are the hemp pet products. 

Hemp has been good to me and my family in many ways.  I hope each of you that visit our site can appreciate the hemp products and enjoy the experience as much as we have in providing it for you. 

Lynn Chavarria

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