CBD Edible Chews

CBD edible chews are my go-to for energy and CBD.  I take one and sometimes two a day depending on what I need to get done.  The first time I took one I was going out to mow my lawn and with the energy I had, I felt like I could have cut the whole lawn with a scissors, plus the neighbors.  They certainly came up with the right name when they named these tasty little squares “Kicks”.

CBD Edible Chews Infused With Pure CBD Isolate

These CBD hemp chews are infused with pure CBD isolate, Vitamin B and Vitamin D and have 100 mg of controlled release caffeine that provides sustainable energy without the crash or extra calories you get from pop or energy drinks and without the jitters. They come in three delicious flavors, chocolate, mango and sour apple.

Instead of reaching for that midafternoon pick-me-up at the vending machine at work, unwrap a tasty little chew and easily make it through the rest of your day.

Be nice to your co-workers and when you see their head bobbing and almost hitting the desk, flip them a chew.  I can guarantee you they will be asking you the next day what that was and where can they get them.

What I really love about these chews is that you have the same energy if not more as you would with the sugary products, but you don’t have that nasty crash feeling. 

With 30 “Kicks” to a jar, start ramping up your energy the healthy way.  So grab some chews, jump on the hemp wagon and “Kick”start your way to a healthy hemp lifestyle and become a Hempster!  You won’t be disappointed.

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