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Strava Craft Coffee

Sträva Craft’s line of extraordinary CBD infused coffees are roasted in small batches out of Denver, Colorado with organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

It is so impressive that Sträva is committed to seeking out exceptional coffee beans from around the world and then  elevating them even more by infusing the full spectrum hemp oil into their beans. 

Strava CBD infused coffee

Do you have some minor discomfort and you feel like you just want to sit around and chill? 

These beans are out of Colombia and are infused with a full spectrum hemp oil containing 30 mg of CBD. 

This is a great coffee to take the edge off, yet still be alert and focused to go about your day.

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strava cbd infused coffee

How about 60 mg of CBD?  Escape – what a great name for this coffee. 

This is a decaf so it only makes sense that you would want to sit and chill with this one when you come home from work. 

Kick your feet up, calm down, unwind and let the robust flavor and aroma take you away while you sit back and let the CBD go to work on your body.

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strava cbd infused coffee

Maybe you need to kick up your CBD intake a notch. 

Sträva’s Restore CBD coffee is infused with full spectrum CBD hemp oil with 120 mg of CBD. 

These beans originate from Colombia and will leave you feeling alert and focused with 4 times the plant nutrients.

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strava cbd infused coffee

If you have more going on in your body than just the normal aches and discomfort and you feel like you need more CBD, then Elevate is the one to look at.

With 240 mg of CBD, you can’t go wrong here. 

With the beautiful aroma that comes from this CBD infused coffee and the health benefits you are going to gain, you will be in total bliss.  

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By using a full spectrum CBD hemp oil, all the properties of the hemp plant are being utilized, giving you the best health benefits possible.

cbd hemp infused coffee

Sträva realizes that not everybody has the same needs.  So, when they set out to make their CBD infused coffee, they didn’t come up with just one coffee across the board, they came up with multiple. 

If you're thinking you're going to get “high” on this coffee, there is no need to worry.  This is not the same as marijuana.  You cannot get high on hemp.  Hemp is known for the wellness properties it offers.

People are having more energy and feeling so much better since they started taking CBD oil and now that they can get it in their coffee, it's a win/win situation. 

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Mary Ann 
I have purchased the Elevate Peace and Wellness coffee because I am a caregiver for my mother and it takes a toll on the body, and this coffee really helps …

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5280 magazine

5280 Magazine has named Sträva Craft Coffee as Editors' Choice Top Coffee Roaster 2017!

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