Hemp Body Products 

Hemp body products are infused with hemp seed oil and are packed with vitamins, minerals, omegas, amino acids and much more. 

Omega-3 plays a very important role in your skin’s lipid content, which creates a barrier to keep the moisture in, while at the same time keeping irritants out.  Omega-3 is also known to slow the aging process.

The beauty companies took notice of the incredible benefits of hemp oil and chose to infuse it into their skin care line 

Exfoliating our skin helps us stay younger by removing the dry and dead skin cells.  Not only is exfoliating getting rid of the dead cells, it also aids in a number of skin issues.  

Using a hemp infused exfoliant is so much better than other products, due to all the vitamins, minerals and Omegas that help lock in moisture and nourish your skin.

Let your skin drink up these nutrients for softness and to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles. 

Another bonus to exfoliating is it increases blood circulation, in return, leaving you with glowing, healthy skin.

When buying hemp body products and following a skincare routine starting with the cleanser and then the exfoliant, toner, serum and finishing it off with the hemp moisturizer, you and your face will start feeling younger.

Hemp body products are formulated to work with any type of skin and/or skin issues.  Among the many benefits of hemp seed oil is the all-natural anti-inflammatory that helps with redness and irritated skin.

Relaxing Hemp Body Products

Organic hemp infused shampoo is a perfect way to freshen up and bring your hair back to life.  

Washing your hair everyday tends to strip the essential oils, leaving it dry and frizzy. 

Not only will you find your hair is much more manageable and shiny, the vitamins and minerals continue to nourish your hair throughout the day.

Because Hemp CBD shampoo is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it makes for an excellent moisturizer that protects and brings out your natural shine.

These Omegas are known for their water barrier capabilities and it’s no different in the hemp shampoo.  

By sealing the ends of the hair, it prevents the loss of water, maximizing its ability to become a natural moisturizer.

Therefore, there is less chance for irritation and dandruff, due to dryness.  Not only does this benefit your hair, but your scalp will also reap the benefits.  

There is nothing like coming home after a hard day and taking a nice hot soak in a hemp detox bath.

Sit back and relax while the hemp soak soothes your aching muscles, detoxifies your body and leaves your skin feeling absolutely refreshed and smooth as silk.

The properties found in the hemp plant are an all-natural anti-inflammatory, making this very beneficial to use as a foot, hand or even an elbow soak.

I can tell you firsthand that when I use this hemp detox, I can literally feel the crud being pulled from my body.  It makes me sleep like a baby at night and I feel so rejuvenated the next day.

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