Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber comes in several forms for many uses.  Just like other hemp products.  The hemp plant offers uses for every part of it.  It seems with hemp only your mind is the limit for its uses.  

The production of hemp is expected to expand rapidly in the future due to the more than 50,000 uses of this single, non drug strain of the hemp plant. Hemp fibers are used in hempcrete to build with and in hemp insulation for climate control.  The really neat thing about this use is that it can be combined with local natural resources in areas around the world for these uses.

Hemp Hurds

This is a hemp fiber that comes from the inner core of the stem of the hemp plant.  It is soft and highly absorbent.  This is sometimes called the hemp wood or shives.  This portion of the stem is broken into pieces and separated from the fiber by a process called retting, scrutching or decortication.  It separates the bast fiber from the hurd.  The bast fiber is used in the making of textiles. 

This process is labor intensive and is done by repeated manually crushing the stalk in many countries.  In some areas a decorticator machine is used.  

Hurd stock is used in making hemp paper, hemp particleboard, hempcrete composites for construction such as acoustical ceilings and wall tiles.  It is used as animal bedding such as horse stalls and also biodegradable mulch for the garden.  They are part of many innovative environmental friendly bi-products.

Hemp Pellets

These pellets are used as a biofuel product.  These pellets are used as fuel in stoves, boilers and the current market is developing to use as biomass energy crops.

Hemp Textiles

The stalk of the hemp plant is the most known part of the plant.  These fibers are used in all types of textiles such as clothing, upholstery and house hold goods.  It is also used in construction materials, plastics and paper products.  It is even being used to make bullet proof vest.

With all of the environmental concerns of today, the fashion industry is turning to hemp as a primary product to create trendy affordable home décor and fashions from hemp fibers.

Hemp Bark

Hemp bark is the waste from hemp crops that can be transformed into storage for high performance energy. This miracle material is stronger than a diamond and more conductive than copper and is even more flexible than rubber. 

It is being used as supercapacitors.  This type of battery discharges the entire load rapidly and are ideal for electric cars and other machines that require sharp bursts of power.

The waste fibers from hemp crops can be transformed into high-performance energy storage devices.

Degummed Silver

This is a cotton like fiber that is the last step in the spinning of the hemp fiber.  It is used for yarn to make woven fabric.  This is a wicking material that is extra clean of all debris and contaminants and degummed with the liginin removed. 

This material is commonly used in vape pens, e-pens, e-cigarettes and stuffing when hypo-allergenic is needed.

It is used by plumbers to seal pipes, as cording of all types and industrial uses.

Hemp Fiber has many new uses for hemp products developing on the horizon.

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