Hemp Infused Beer

Hemp infused beer!  Who would have ever thought we would see the day where you are putting hemp beer in your beer bong?

It sounds fun and everything, but hemp oil beer is more than just a novelty.  It comes with health benefits.  Maybe it will be the hangover cure we have all been looking for.

Seriously, though, hemp infused beer is just getting started and we want to make sure we let you know all about it.  This tasty beer is made with the hemp seeds.  Because THC is microscopic in this beer, you won’t be feeling the “high” effect like you do with marijuana.

If you live in the Czech Republic, this is nothing new to you.  Hemp infused beer was an instant hit there when it came out in 2005.  Since that time, hemp beer has made its way into the Central European grocery stores and liquor stores.  Finally, the USA is jumping on board and we are starting to see more breweries add this tasty and healthy beer to their list.

Hemp Beer Is Healthy

Many people are classifying the hemp plant as the miracle plant of all time.  With over 50,000 uses, there is no other plant on earth that can compare.

The seeds and the oil from the hemp plant are packed full of omegas, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

They are also considered to be the best and most

complete source of protein that you can eat

Who needs the gym when you can belly up to the bar and do 12-ounce curls, solve the world’s problems and get healthy at the same time.

But don’t think that beer is the only alcohol infused with hemp.  There are also hemp wines and hemp vodkas. We can’t wait to see what’s coming out next.

Here is just one of the benefits I really love.  Hemp oil and hemp seeds give you energy.  Who hasn’t had one too many drinks the night before and all you want to do is sleep away the whole next day? 

The nice thing about the 50,000 uses of hemp is, it comes in many different ways.  So, say you go out the night before and drink up some hemp infused beer, maybe one too many. You wake up the next morning and feel sluggish. 

I have good news! You can either drink another hemp infused beer, drink a hemp infused water, hemp infused coffee or a hemp protein shake. Maybe you are really daring and want to chug down a glass of hemp milk.

Either way, your body will be loving you for it.  First of all, not only does it boost your energy, this powerful little seed will kick your butt back into shape.  Its ability to reduce inflammation, aid in digestion and increase blood flow is just for starters.   

All the components in the hemp plant play a large part in balancing and regulating our neurological and immune systems. Because hemp infused beer, obviously contains hemp, it fires up our endocannabinoid system and that’s what causes our bodies to go into homeostasis.

If something in your body ails you, there is a whole list of conditions from A to Z on how hemp plays a major role.  You can find more information by visiting the Echo Connection

Here is something I bet you thought you would never hear. 

Drink beer and lose weight! 

Yes, it is possible.  Since the hemp seed is rich in omega-3, the omega that tells our body that it is full and causes us to lose weight, you might see the inches coming off.  Now isn’t that the best diet in the world?   

Hemp Infused Beer Distillery

As for the taste, it all depends on how the hemp beer was made.  If the whole seed was used, then you are going to find a nutty flavor.  You can also get a coffee flavor if they have over roasted the seeds before adding them.

Some hemp-infused beers are made with hulled seeds.  The flavor you will find with this recipe is more of a soft flavor.

Another way of brewing this diamond in the rough is by using hemp seed flour.  By brewing it this way, all the oil that is being pressed from the seeds is being put into the brew.

Not only can you find hemp beer in the brown ale, this beer also comes in the IPAs.  IPAs are brewed with an abundance of hops, where several varieties are used throughout the brewing process, creating that abundant flavor and aroma.

The alcohol by volume on modern IPAS is running between 5.5% and 7.5%.  This beer pairs well with grilled meats, spicy curries and salty dishes.

Hemp infused beer is what’s trending.  Don’t be one of the last ones to this party.  I suggest instead of falling off the wagon, you get on the wagon, the hemp infused beer wagon that is! 

“May The Winds Of Fortune Sail You,

May You Sail A Gentle Sea.

May It Always Be The Other Guy

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