Hemp Infused Coffee

What this hemp infused coffee by Sträva Craft has to offer is the cream of the crop.  Not only will this sensuous aroma and delicious taste take you away, CBD hemp oil is loaded with so many health benefits.  Did you know that this oil is an all-natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, antiemetic and so much more?

If that isn’t enough, hemp oil is naturally rich with minerals, zinc, magnesium, calcium, omega-3, omega-6, vitamins B1, B2 and D, amino acids and the list goes on.

Sträva Craft Coffee puts their heart and soul into finding the elite growers in the top regions so they are absolutely positive they are supplying you with the finest quality every bean has to offer.

CBD Hemp Oil Is Non-Pshycoactive And Will Not Produce A “High”

Once your taste buds experience the delectable flavors and the way the full spectrum hemp oil works with your body, you’ll be shouting from the rooftops “Where have you been all my life?”

The Peace and Wellness line of full spectrum oil infused coffee from Sträva Craft is small batch roasted and the hemp oil provides the perfect balance to the natural caffeine of the coffee, oftentimes alleviating the jitters.

Use your preferred method of brewing for each of the hemp infused coffees and enjoy!

Find The CBD Coffee That Is Right For You

Four Hemp Infused Coffees

We have researched many hemp infused coffee brands and we are proud to share with you our choice for the best!  Based on the sophistication of coffee beans, hemp oil, pricing and overall coffee experience, we recommend Sträva Craft Coffee. 

With 4 different hemp infused coffee varieties to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you. 

Shop with us here to begin brewing top of the line CBD hemp coffee.

Sträva Craft Coffee




Focus has a delectable taste of brown sugar, ripe cherry and natural cocoa.  This full spectrum hemp infused coffee helps calm you, but at the same time keeps you alert and focused.  If you have some inflammation or discomfort, brew up a full-bodied cup and let the infused CBD hemp oil alleviate those areas.  This product contains 30mg of CBD per 12 oz whole bean.  These rich Arabica beans originate from Colombia.

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Restore CBD hemp infused coffee restores balance and complements your natural wellness routine.  Feeling alert, calm and focused after treating yourself to an aromatic, delicious cup of Joe is a great way to start your day.

With the flavors of brown sugar, ripe cherry and natural cocoa, it makes your mouth water just thinking of it.  There are 120 mg of CBD per 12 oz whole bean.  These Arabica beans originate from Colombia.

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Elevate hemp oil infused coffee is loaded with 240 mg of CBD per 12 oz whole bean and has 8x the plant nutrients.  This hemp infused coffee restores balance and helps you feel calm, focused and alert.

With 240 mg of CBD per 12 oz whole bean, this is a great kickstart to your endocannabinoid system. 

When the endo system starts balancing out your neurological and immune system, everything is better because your body goes into homeostasis.  These Arabica beans originate from Colombia.

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Escape Decaf hemp coffee is very impressive when it comes to helping you unwind with its calming effect.  This truly is a treat to come home to after a hard day at work.

Let the hemp oil take care of any minor inflammation or discomfort you have in your body, while you let the mesmerizing aroma take you away.

The taste of this coffee is sweet and balanced, with notes of red grape.  These Arabica beans originate from Papua New Guinea and are infused with 60 mg of full spectrum CBD per 12 oz whole bean.

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Tips For Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh

Three important factors come into play when storing your freshly roasted hemp coffee.  The number one key is to avoid exposing your beans to air or oxygen. 

While mason jars showcase your beautiful coffee beans, exposing them to too much light affects the quality of the coffee.  Go with a container that doesn’t let light in, for example a coffee vault.

Next, do not let your beans be exposed to hot environments like a windowsill, by your toaster or even a cupboard near your stove. Heat can cause your beans to go stale faster because it tends to speed up the non-enzymatic browning of the aromatic properties.

We have all seen someone in our lifetime that keeps their coffee either in the refrigerator or the freezer.  It doesn’t matter if you have your hemp infused coffee sealed in a coffee vault, every time you go in and out, open it and return it to the freezer, you are creating moisture and the condensation will form on the beans.

However, if you must store your full spectrum infused coffee in the refrigerator or freezer you can divide them into small portions and only unfreeze what you need.  

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