Hemp Infused Energy Drinks

What?  Hemp infused energy drinks?  You’re probably thinking, seriously, cannabis and energy in the same sentence?  Well, that’s right.  If you are one that connects marijuana with being all laid back and relaxed, then you’re right.

What you might not know is that hemp is the total opposite of its cousin marijuana.  You see, marijuana is high in THC, the part that gets you high and sluggish and hemp is very low in THC. 

How Hemp Infused Energy Drinks Can Benefit You

Hemp energy drinks are very popular.  Not only do they give you energy, they are chock full of health benefits that our bodies need.

Because these drinks are infused with the hemp seed oil and contain both CBD and THC, we are able to take advantage of the entourage effect these two produce when they are used together.

Some of the benefits include:

·        Mental focus

·        Increased alertness

·        Reduction in fatigue

·        Improved concentration

·        And much more…

We all know that energy drinks can be filled with sugar and caffeine for the energy part.  But, did you know that hemp infused energy drinks contain vitamins, minerals, omegas and protein that also boost our energy levels? 

CBD contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  It is well known that Omega-3 increases the flow of blood and is key when it comes to cardiovascular health.  Omega-3 is also an anti-inflammatory and is very helpful for discomfort.

Even though the body does not produce Omega-6, it is quite essential.  This omega is known to help strengthen the brain through development and growth.

The hemp plant provides just the right balance of these omegas for what the body needs for precise nutrition.  By consuming just one tablespoon of hemp oil from the hemp seeds, you get all the fatty acids you need for the day.

Your body has what is called an endocannabinoid system that regulates and balance the body out as best it can.  The bad part about this is, it can’t do it by itself and the body needs to be supplemented.

When we supplement the body with CBD and get all our receptors to fire and stay firing, we are able to put our bodies back into homeostasis.  When our bodies are in homeostasis, we have less health issues.

Age Limit on Hemp Infused Energy Drinks

Just because these drinks are hemp infused, it doesn’t mean there is an age limit on buying or consuming them like there is on alcohol.

However, they should be treated like any other energy drink and the following, but not limited to, should use discretion:

·        Children

·        Women who are pregnant or lactating

·        People who are sensitive to caffeine

So, whether you’re drinking an energy drink to get you going in the morning, or keep you up during the night shift, try a healthier way and get the same energy if not more with a hemp infused energy drink! 

Energy drinks aren’t what they used to be…Don’t get left behind!

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