Hemp Infused Skincare

When you use the best Hemp infused skincare products, it’s like you’re turning back the hands of time.

hemp infused skincare

The hemp infused skincare products from Hemp Meds are an elite beauty line that are infused with the Bi-Bong formula.   

This formula is a powerful and safe way to re-balance the chi in your body, allowing it to function properly.  

This Bi-Bong formula was once only available to the royal families of East Asia and have been handed down for centuries through a lineage of doctors.  You won’t find this Bi-Bong formula anywhere else.


This anti-aging CBD hemp oil cleanser is formulated with 10 mg of CBD and Hemp Meds signature ancient blend of Bi-Bong herbs like, Burdock Root and Artemisia that nourishes and deeply cleanses the skin.

You will find this hemp oil cleanser to be non-foaming, non-drying and sulfate free. Perfect to use every day to remove dirt, dead skin cells, oil and makeup without harming your skin.  This cleanser is also used as a natural shaving cream for men.


CBD Hemp oil exfoliant resurfaces and balances your skin by lifting embedded dirt and oil, leaving your skin will that brilliant and even skin tone we are all after.

Infused with Hemp Meds signature Bi-Bong formula, you will find this to be a gentle and soothing hemp oil exfoliator that will leave your skin feeling alive and refreshed.


If your skin needs a pick-me-up, then this Defined Toner is what you are looking for.  As soon as you apply this soothing liquid to your face, your skin will be purified and awakened, while the glow of your healthy skin is restored.

Guys, you will love the feel of this on your skin as an aftershave because it does not contain any alcohol or sulfates to irritate the skin.  Ladies, try using it on your legs after you shave to restore the suppleness.


Hemp infused skincare and wrinkles?  Defined Serum’s anti-aging super formula helps tighten, firm and tone the skin.  This hemp oil serum is an excellent defense against free radicals and will help your skin appear more radiant. 

This Bi-Bong formula contains Dragon’s blood, Ginseng and White Peony to transform your skin from the inside out.


The combination of hyaluronic acid and CBD oil help revitalize skin cells and supports skin elasticity to reduce the signs of aging. 

With the intense age-defying ingredients, you will find that it helps revitalize and restore visibly-aged skin by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

This hydrating and healing moisturizer uses Bi-Bong active herbal extracts to retain a youthful, healthy glow and unlocks your natural beauty.


In my opinion, this is the best hemp infused skincare product.  This CBD anti-aging detox formula is also made with Bi-Bong. 

The natural organic botanicals, with revitalizing and detoxifying herbs, work in balance with the hemp oil to soothe your muscles, while relaxing your mind and detoxifying your body. 


When I use this product, I can literally feel the toxins being pulled out.  I left the water in the tub overnight by accident and the next morning I actually found metals floating in the water that had been pulled from my body. 

You will be amazed how sound you will sleep and how much better you will feel after the toxins from your body are removed with this luxurious soak.

You can also use this as a foot bath.  According to traditional oriental medicine, the foot is a microcosm of the entire body, with each foot having 50 acupressure points that directly connect to the organs.

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