Hemp Makeup Products

Hemp Makeup Products and the health benefits that come from the hemp plant are mind blowing.  The Omegas lock in moisture, but do not clog your pores.

kush makeup

Milk Makeup carries the Kush Line of Hemp Makeup Products that are the Creme Dela Creme.  

When they decided to go all vegan, they knew they had to replace the beeswax in their products with something awesome and that something awesome is Hemp Oil.  

Do you want Sky High Lashes?  Kush High Volume Mascara does just that by creating luscious, thicker lashes with pure pigments and heart-shaped fibers. 

These heart-shaped fibers lay on and in between your lashes, creating thick, long flowing eyelashes that won't stick together.

Milk Makeup chose to infuse their mascara formula with Hemp oil because of all the health benefits and outstanding properties hemp oil has to offer.

The oil fills the fibers, making beautiful eyelashes fuller and longer.  It also continues to nourish and hydrate while wearing this mascara and long after it is removed. 

By adding hemp oil and making it a creamy, smooth application with a tug-free removal, this hemp makeup product is well worth it's weight in gold.

Rated Top Choice with its intense, polished and finished look, this mascara is flying off the shelves.

Kush even named the little application brush... “Wiggie”.  The little Wiggie’s bristles are medium-firm and have a crisscross pattern in the form of a tree.

This design allows this hemp makeup product to cover every angle, in between, under and on top of every lash to completely coat it and create the most elegant, sought after eyelashes around 

Put on your Lip Armor with this stunning anti-oxidant rich Hemp makeup product.  Choose from 8 elegant colors for day and/or evening.

With a choice from a nourishing matte, dimensional glitter or a high shine to Glide over your lips, you will be sure to stand out.

Not only are these colors stunning, the properties of the hemp oil nourish and soothe your lips, while locking in moisture at the same time.

You won’t find another Hemp makeup product like this to make your lips Pop and create that dreamy lusciousness we are all after. 

Find your color Here

Kush Fiber Brow with hemp oil helps thicken your brows.  The heart-shape tinted fibers adhere to the hair and skin, which creates shape, fullness and definition.

This creamy hemp makeup product comes in three different neutral shades and is sure to work with all hair colors.

The nourishing hemp oil that is infused in this product will help set, condition and won’t cause stiffness to your eyebrows. 

Find the color here that will compliment your hair color!

When looking for the best Hemp makeup products to buy online, choose the best...Kush!

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