Hemp Pet Collars

Stylish hemp pet collars are trending and they are very practical for your pet.  We all know that dogs love to roll in things or have to go in the dirtiest water they can find. 

hemp pet collar

What makes hemp pet collars different?  Hemp material is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and it is even resistant to mold and mildew. 

Did you know that the more you wash a hemp-based product, the softer it gets?  When collars are stiff and rub the same spot over and over, they tend to create hot spots on your pet. 

I find it so much cheaper to invest in a hemp pet collar rather than investing in a vet bill. 

Hemp pet collars come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.  If you are looking for just your basic collar or something more flashy and dressy, there are many to choose from.

Different Types Of Collars 

Does your dog slip out of their collar?  Then maybe a martingale is the way to go.  

hemp martingale

This is a more humane way to keep your dog safe. When your dog pulls, it makes the collar taut and your dog won't be able to slip out.  

The martingale collars are good for training.  Since everything is so new to them, they tend to pull and move around more.  

With the hemp collar, it will be much more fluid and softer, creating a more enjoyable experience.

Maybe the around-the-neck collars aren’t for you or your pet and you like to walk your dog on a harness, which I am all for that as well. 

You can also find hemp harnesses. Harnesses are nice, because as mentioned above, the more they are worn and washed, the softer they get.  

hemp harness

You can find these harnesses in a dressy style like this or you can also find the straight-up regular-looking harnesses for the rugged manly dog as well. 

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here.  Yes, guys, you will be able to find both the collars and the harnesses in camo color as well!

If you have a small dog with a lot of hair under the pits, you may find that with a regular harness your dog is getting mats under there because of the friction.  

Because the hemp harnesses get softer, they tend to move with your pet, thus creating less friction.

Who knows, you may even find your dog walks much better on a leash because they don’t have something uncomfortable rubbing on their body.

Hemp Pet Collars For Cats

We didn’t forget about cats.  Cats are just as important as dogs and the cat world did not get left behind. We all know that cats like to strut their stuff and look stylish as well.

hemp cat collar

These collars can be found in many different colors and patterns and are lightweight.  You can even find breakaway collars for the safety of your cat. 

Hemp is naturally hypo-allergenic, which makes it a better choice if your furry feline has sensitive skin.

Now that people are becoming more familiar with the benefits of using hemp pet collars, we will be seeing this product used in more and more pet-related items.

We are already starting to see hemp leashes, scratching posts, pet clothing and hemp pet beds on the market.  The ideas are endless, as well as the benefits.

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