Hemp Products 

Hemp products are extremely versatile, durable and are around us in our everyday lives.  

hemp field

You may not even realize that the Patagonia jacket you are wearing is made of hemp fabric.  How about your jewelry?  

That cute little rope on your bead necklace could surely be made from hemp.  You know the rope you use to make your kids rope swing, that could also be made from hemp. 

Have you ever heard of hempcrete?  That’s right!  That new insulation that is keeping the electric bill down.  That is made from hemp!  

Hemp Products For Health

When using CBD hemp oil, it is feeding our endocannabinoid system that regulates and balances our neurological and immune systems and brings our body back into homeostasis (balance).  

cbd oil

You will be surprised how beneficial this miracle plant is when you look at Echo Connection.

Another way to receive these benefits is to consume hemp infused beverages or edibles.  

The benefits of hemp oil are so safe and beneficial to use that even babies can use it.  You will find hemp infused lotion all the way to hemp infused milk for babies.

I wouldn’t be doing my fellow coffee drinkers justice if I didn’t let you know how beneficial the CBD coffee is.  

Besides from being delicious and healthy with all the vitamins and minerals that come from the hemp plant, it makes it an easy way to get your daily supplements.  Who doesn’t have a cup of Joe before leaving the house?

Hemp edibles are another way of getting CBD into our bodies.  These come in many different varieties like suckers, gummies, cake pops and more.

Other Hemp Products

I have become infatuated with these products and have fallen in love with hemp clothing because the more you wash it, the softer it gets.  

hemp fiber

Another benefit to the hemp fiber is that it wicks away moisture, is anti-microbial, resistant to mold and mildew and doesn’t retain odor.  I have a hemp collar for my dog just for those reasons. 

Hemp makeup and body products are excellent for our skin, because hemp oil is naturally rich with minerals, zinc, magnesium, calcium, omega-3, omega-6, vitamins B1, B2 and D, amino acids and the list goes on. 

The thing about the hemp plant is that not just one part of it is used, the whole plant is used for different things.  This plant produces many products from its fibrous parts as well.  

The tensile strength of the fibers of this plant are very strong and durable.  This makes it great for making hemp rope, fabric, hempcrete, and insulation, just to mention a few.

Our government outlawed the farming of hemp because it was a big competitor when it came to the paper business and the old saying “money talks” rang true at that time.  

In order to convince the public that hemp was bad, they demonized hemp by telling people that it would make them go insane and they came out with the short film “Reefer Madness”, showing how crazy people get from hemp.  

money tree

When in all reality, it was just a big cover up so the paper moguls that owned hundreds of thousands of acres of trees could make more money.   

In turn, that not only halted a great opportunity for hemp farmers in the USA to prosper, but hemp and hemp products had to be imported, making them more expensive and much harder to get.

The biggest travesty of all, is it gave hemp a stigma that has taken decades to shed.  

Fortunately, here in the USA we are finally waking up and the huge tidal wave that pushed for hemp farming and locally grown and domestic-made hemp products won out and we can all benefit from it.  

There are reputable organizations and companies using and promoting hemp products everywhere.  

The government lobbyists and consumer groups pushed hard to get laws passed to ease access to hemp for the manufacturing of hemp products.

I’m excited to see people catching on to the hemp lifestyle and becoming Hempsters and that education on this mighty plant is showing people the difference between hemp and marijuana.

If you haven’t already, go out and try a hemp product.  You just might get caught up in the craze and become a Hempster yourself.  

I hope you leave this site informed and educated about the wonders of this plant and share it with others.  

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