Hemp Rope

Hemp rope, cord, yarn, webbing and hemp twine have been very popular, due to its strength and durability.

hemp rope

The long fibers in the hemp is what gives it more strength than any other type of fiber and is relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

Hemp rope was one of the very first ropes ever made.  Early civilizations twisted the fibers of the hemp plant to make one of the strongest natural ropes in the world. 

To make hemp softer, they would pound the hemp and rake it with wood repeatedly to breakdown the stiff fibers.

The hemp material can be cut in different widths and lengths for different purposes. 

These strands are then woven into different shapes, using different patterns and different knots to create ropes and slings and other items to serve specific purposes.  

This is why hemp has been a staple in the lives of native people since the beginning of civilization.

hemp rope

One of the first uses of these strong ropes made of hemp was on sailing ships as part of their riggings on the ships that held up the hemp canvas sails.  The anchor cords were also made of hemp.  

The nautical ropes made of the woven plant are the number one choice because hemp rope is resistant to ultraviolet light, salt water, mold and mildew.

Hemp Rope Crafts

Hemp rope is also used in decorating, crafts, cooking, gardening, and jewelry, just to mention a few.  It is very versatile and the look and feel of hemp is loved by many.

hemp rope crafts

The use of hemp rope, yarn, cord and twine in crafts are endless.  The earthy color is popular and the organic natural look is used frequently for rustic decor.

Trendy wrapping twine for packages and presents is often made of hemp and is also very popular.

Many country cooks use hemp webbing around mason jars that they give as gifts that are filled with love and jam. 

The look of decorated jars that use hemp rope on them is becoming more and more visible at weddings and other parties. 

Hemp Jewelry

You can also find all types of hemp jewelry today.  Some pieces are created with hemp twine that hold the precious stones and have such an elegant look to them. 

hemp jewelry

The younger generation is really into using the hemp rope and tying beads into it to make beautiful bracelets, anklets and necklaces.  

It's always fun to make your own piece of unique hemp jewelry to show off and get compliments on and they make great gifts as well.

Hemp Pet Products

Hemp rope and all forms of hemp are very popular for pet products.  There are beautiful hemp pet collars all the way to clothes, toys and beds that are all made from hemp and are soft and hypoallergenic.

hemp pet toys

Since toys are in your dog’s mouth and getting slobbered all over, obviously they become moist and smelly.

What I like about the Hemp pet products is the fact that they are mold and mildew resistant, along with being antimicrobial.

With so many uses for hemp rope, twine, cord, webbing and yarn that the projects are endless

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