Hemp Rope

Hemp rope, hemp cord, hemp yarn, hemp webbing and hemp twine have been very popular because it is strong and durable. Its long fibers give it more strength than other types of twine. It is relativity inexpensive and easy to find. 

Hemp rope was one of the very first ropes ever made.  Early civilizations twisted the fibers of the hemp plant to make one of the strongest natural ropes in the world. 

To make hemp softer, they would pound the hemp and rake it with wood repeatedly to breakdown the stiff fibers.

The hemp material can be cut in different widths and lengths for different purposes. 

The strands are then woven into different shapes using different patterns and different knots to create ropes and slings and other items to serve specific purposes.  This is why hemp has been a staple in the lives of native people since the beginning of civilization.

One of the first vast uses of these strong ropes made of hemp was on sailing ships as part of the riggings on the ships that held up the hemp canvas sails.  The anchor cords were also made of hemp.  The nautical ropes made of the woven plant are first choice because hemp rope is resistant to ultraviolet light, salt water, mold and mildew.

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Hemp Crafts

Candle wicks are almost always hemp twine.  This is the most common and most unappreciated use of hemp.

Hemp products rope are used in decorating, crafts, cooking, gardening, and jewelry, just to mention a few.  It is very versatile and look and feel of hemp is loved by many.

The use of hemp rope, yarn, cord and twine in crafts are endless.  They are used many times in the organic raw natural state.  The vibrant colors are popular for crafts and the organic natural look is used frequently for rustic organic decor.

I remember when I first learned to macramé.  I made the cutest and most durable shoulder bag.  I remember I kept it for years and only gave it away because I was tired of it because it never wore out.  Hemp cord is still used today to make belts and trendy items to accessorize clothing.  It is easy to create beautiful designs because the knots hold securely and easily in most designs.

Some of the twine and cord are used in sewing and needlework designs.  Even crocheting beautiful soft baby blankets.

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In addition, there are many vibrant bright and muted colors of hemp to make beautiful projects of many kinds.

The rustic look is very popular today in many decors and hemp fits in great to bring this look together with raw natural accents. You probably haven’t even noticed that you have used hemp twine in craft projects of many kinds.  Trendy wrapping twine for packages and presents is often made of hemp. The natural and rustic look of hemp makes it very popular.  There are also many needlework projects that use hemp twine.  Some of these craft projects become the cutest clothing ideas.  Love the kids shoes

I have a friend that creates the neatest designs using hemp twine in string art. She places nails on a board in a design and is tightly strung to create a unique and very interesting piece of art

Scrap bookers are very familiar with the use of hemp cord to secure their books pages together or add a rustic touch to a page.

Lots of country cooks use hemp webbing around the mason jars filled with love and jam. The look of decorated jars and hemp rope has become very popular at rustic weddings today. Then they make a pretty hemp bow to tie in their little girl’s hair.  Hemp is used everywhere.

Hemp Rope for Cooking

I love to watch the cooking shows and how they tie up the meat with yummy stuffing of all kinds inside.  They use hemp cord to tie the meat.  My mother always keeps some hemp twine in her kitchen cabinet for cooking.  Once her delicious meal is done she ties it around the box of goodies she has made to share with her friends as a gift.

Hemp jewelry

You can find all types of hemp jewelry popular today.  Some of them are created with hemp twine that are so elegant they hold precious stones.  These are worn in high fashion and an art work to own.  More available and especially popular with the younger generation are the hemp rope tied beads that create durable and organically natural bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. You can find cute and elegant hemp jewelry and the kits to make them at local hobby stores.  The younger generation especially enjoys making their own friendship bracelets.

Gardening with Hemp Twine

Hemp rope is frequently used in gardening due to the ability of hemp to hold securely even in extreme weather conditions. This hemp garden twine is strong enough to hold the plants tight, yet soft enough not to cut the plants you are tying to wood or cable to grow and train.

It is used to stake tomatoes, attach vines to arbors and grapevines to runs.

Hemp Pet Products

Hemp rope and all forms of hemp are very popular for pet products.  There are beautiful natural and raw hemp pet collars that keep the rustic organic look that is so popular.  Often they are made from the weaving of hemp webbing. The matching pet leashes are also available.  These hemp pet products are soft and hypoallergenic.  Durable pet chews, tug ropes and balls are a favorite for all pet owners.  They are safe, and the pets love them.

There are so many uses of hemp rope, twine, cord, webbing and yarn that the projects are endless.  It is true that our lives would be very different without the use of the versatile hemp plant and all the resources it provides.