Hemp Seeds or Hemp Hearts

Hemp seeds or hemp hearts?  Whatever you prefer to call them, they are one in the same and this nutritious supplement is a must have for your daily diet.

Are you getting your protein from chia seeds or flax seeds?  If so, you just might want to take a look at this little nugget instead.

If you had your eyes closed, you might think you were eating sunflower seeds. Although similar in taste, the texture of hemp hearts seems to be a little bit softer. 

When you buy hemp seeds, you’re going to find that they can really pack a punch…of health benefits that is!

This is great for athletes because in just three tablespoons, you get 10 grams of protein?

The hemp seed is the highest plant source of essential fatty acids.  They’re very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 and contain more than 30 percent fat. In just three tablespoons of hemp hearts, you are receiving 3000 mg of Omegas. 

Even though hemp seeds aren’t a fiber that is filling, the Omega-3 contributes to that full feeling and people have found that they are eating less and losing weight.  I’m ready to go eat a gunny sack full!

Not only are they high in omegas, they are also loaded with minerals, like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

This poor little plant has been around for thousands of years with the key to better health for all of us.  

Just because it got the shaft back in the 30’s due to bad publicity, we all suffered.  Finally, once again, we can start to use the hemp plant for overall better health.

Now, finally, people are finding out the truth about it and we can once again use it to our advantage and reap the health benefits that our bodies need.

Not only have we rediscovered the health part of it, scientists have also discovered that we all have an endocannabinoid system within our bodies.  

This is a system that needs to be fed and when we consume hemp products, that’s exactly what we are doing.  By doing so, this puts our bodies back in balance and regulates the neurological and immune systems.

You can eat these seeds just about any way you can think of.  If you eat seeds just to eat and don’t care much about their nutritional value, then you probably aren’t familiar with the purpose of grinding them.

Some seeds, like flax seed, need to be ground up in order to take advantage of their nutritional benefits or they will just pass right through your digestive system, but not the hemp seed.  You can eat them whole and not miss out on one single health benefit.

Now that people are rediscovering this little gift from nature, they are finding different ways to enjoy hemp hearts.  These are also an excellent alternative for anybody that is allergic to nuts.

So, take them on the go and eat them like any other seed or throw them on a sandwich, salad, fish or in a smoothie.  Actually, you can put them in whatever you like.

Will I get High?

You have probably been wondering this from the beginning.  No, you cannot get high from eating hemp hearts. 

The reason being is that hemp seeds contain zero to microscopic traces of THC, the part that gets you high.

The whole hemp plant itself is very, very low in THC so there is no way you could get high even if you consumed acres of it.

Tips On Buying Hemp Seeds 

Since hemp is high in Omega fatty acids, it causes them to be prone to breaking down and spoiling.  Always check the “best before date”.

When you go to purchase hemp seeds, look for a bag without a window.  When a bag has a window, it is letting those seeds be exposed to light, causing them to breakdown and go rancid much quicker.

If stored in a refrigerator or freezer, these hemp hearts can last up to a year.

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