Hemp Twine

Hemp Twine and Hemp Rope were one of the first ropes used in history.  It was made from twisting the hemp plant fibers.  

hemp fiber

Hemp twine is the number one choice for gardening projects and craft ideas.  It is known for strength, suppleness, soft texture and durability.  

The sturdy long fibers are the secret.  The other great quality is that it is affordable.

Hemp Twine for Gardening

Gardening is one of the areas that hemp twine is most beneficial when it comes to helping you grow your delicious vegetables.  

hemp twine

This type of twine and all varieties of hemp rope are mold and mildew resistant.  This is always a plus when needing to use twine in moist, wet areas.

It can help you keep your plants under control when hanging something up, tying something down or staking something off.

Because this twine is soft, it doesn’t cut into the stalk of the plant, making it an excellent choice in assisting your peas, beans, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Hemp is a natural fiber and is bio-degradable, so you can just throw it in the compost when you are done with it and it will break down naturally.

If you want to dry cut herbs or flowers, then hemp twine is perfect to hang your fresh snips upside down in a cool, dark place for maximum flavor and to dry for later use.

If you have hanging plants, then this twine can be used to make pretty plant hangers that are decorative and beautiful, with durability to hold any size plant. 

A beautiful way to display or gift fresh cut flowers and veggies is to bundle them and secure them with a lovely piece of hemp twine for a natural look.


Many people use hemp twine to make all types of jewelry and adornments.  This jewelry is very popular and can look natural and earthy or elegant and formal. 

hemp jewelry

It is very popular to make your own handmade hemp jewelry and have a unique piece that no one else will have.   

You can make them to match your outfits or give them as gifts from the heart.  

The nice thing about hemp twine is that it's inexpensive, but classy looking and easy to use for advanced hemp knots.


We have found extensive lines of hemp twine, from the elegant and finest beading twine to bailing twine.  

hemp twine

If you are looking for color, the hemp twine comes in beautifully dyed, polished and unpolished colors that are endless.  

Two of the fibers that hemp contain are lignin and cellulose and are best used with a reactive dye which will make them colorfast.

If used with with an all-purpose dye,  the color will bleed when it gets wet and will fade quickly.

Hemp is also sun and heat resistant which even adds to its versatile uses.

Crafts of all sorts use hemp twine in very creative and unusual ways.  It is used in macramé to create handmade totes, bags, decorations, and accessories for fashion and home décor. 

Candle making is another use for hemp twine. This is a great choice for wicks in candles because it burns slowly and is perfect for making your candle last longer.  

hemp twine

Many candle makers use this, but the candles you buy in the store often have hemp wicks, too.  This is a big craft tool for creative candle people.  

It is also strong enough to hold the candle suspended so it can dry, including the really large and heavy candles.

There are so many everyday uses for hemp twine.  It is used to make clothes lines and it is also used to tie up parcels to be mailed and shipped.  

My favorite things made from hemp are unlimited, but the pet toys made of hemp are one of the safest and most durable that I use.  

hemp dog toy

The knotted twine chew toys and other pet toys that incorporate hemp in them are some of my favorite things and my dogs certainly give them a thumbs up.  

They love chewing and pulling on them and it keeps them busy.


It is even strong and durable enough to hold up to salt water.  That is why it has so many nautical uses.  Most fishing nets throughout history and even today are made of hemp.   

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