Hemp Webbing

Hemp webbing is strips of different widths of woven 100% all natural dry spun hemp yarns.  It is very strong, narrow and flat and is often used in place of rope.  It is versatile and used in situations that you need a strong and flexible component.  It has the beauty of old-world natural look.

It is used to tow heavy equipment and machines when you need a safe and strong rope.  It will not pop and hurt you like a cable and is not heavy and bulky like a chain.  It is convenient to carry in a vehicle and keep handy.  The woven material is also used as seatbelts.

Professional climbers use hemp webbing in their safety ropes and depend on the strength of this product to keep them safe on a mountain side and rocky terrain.  The fact that it is so weather resistant and ultraviolet light resistant, makes it a perfect cording to use in these situations when your life depends on it.

It is very popular in modern décor for an organic and natural look.  Many types of furniture are made with different designs of webbing.  The weave of the strap can make a variety of desirable designs and added color makes for some striking décor statements. Some popular woven designs are canvas, twill and herringbone.  

Some of the most comfortable chairs are made of webbing.  Its unique qualities are the strength, durability, softness and the fact that it is so flexible.  It is often used with hemp fabric to reinforce the edges and joints of the furniture that are points of extra stress.

Hemp webbing is also used in many craft projects as is other hemp rope.  It is economical, colorful and easy to work with.  It is very popular to use natural products in crafts and hemp is a first choice.

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Hemp webbing is also very fashionable.  You probably own a beautiful hemp belt right now.  If you don’t I bet you know a fine dressed man that has a pair of hemp webbing suspenders.  They are so good looking and are a very versatile accessory. Any time you need a strap as a functional use, you can depend on hemp webbing.  

They are great as straps on backpacks and bags or any harnesses, such as a camera strap, guitar strap, or even straps on shoes.

My favorite and one of the biggest uses of hemp webbing is in the pet world.  There are dog and cat pet collars of every size, color and print.  They make comfortable safe harnesses from this beautiful webbing.  It is very strong, and always soft to the pet, so it is super comfortable.  

The hemp is naturally antimicrobial and can withstand the environmental stresses of heat, water, UV light and even salt water.  It washes easy and only gets softer with each wash.  Every pet owner can feel good knowing their pet is styling in comfort with hemp webbing.

Hemp webbing is always all natural, organic and eco-friendly materials.  It is grown without toxic chemicals and is biodegradable.  It is safe for the environment, humans and their pets.