Hemp Yarn

Hemp yarn is a popular craft tool used in many different applications.  Most craft projects use some type of yarn or rope made of hemp.  It's very versatile and can be dressy and formal or rustic and natural.  It is super affordable and looks beautiful in every application.

I made a natural hemp crocheted poncho for my cousin and she wears it every winter.  She says it is so warm and cozy.  She is always on the go, in and out of the car and at many outdoor locations.  She said it has held up so well and does not show wear.  It is a natural rustic look that goes with everyday outfits. 


Hemp products are environmentally friendly, safe, durable, strong, antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant and very functional.  They are soft and comfortable and get softer with each washing.  This is one of the reasons they are such a popular craft yarn.

Any weaving or needle pointing projects are usually meant for basic hemp yarn of different sizes and weights.  Just about anyone that has ever done needle craft has used hemp yarn.  These fibers hold on to dye and are colorfast.  This is an added benefit when you don’t want the colors to fade.  The natural colors of hemp are earthy and rich and very desirable for rustic and natural looks.

I have done needlework all my life and just about every kind.  Never did I know that I was using hemp products in all my craft projects.  Now I appreciate hemp and I will pay more attention when doing my needlework.  

For all my friend’s babies, I make a prayer blanket for the newborn baby.  I crochet it and with each stitch, I pray over the baby’s life and all that they will encounter.  I will certainly always choose the soft antimicrobial hemp yarn to use for everyone of these special blankets in the future.

With any craft requiring yarn, you will not be disappointed using a quality hemp yarn.  There are many cute patterns and ideas for yarn crafts.  A scrunchy, a belt or shower puff made from hemp yarn are different and are a great example of how they always make wonderful gifts from the heart.  

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